Upcoming PRACE MOOC: Defensive programming and debugging

What is a software bug? How can we prevent them? How can we find and fix them quickly and efficiently?

If you are a programmer or have ever used software applications, you know that software bugs can have serious consequences and that finding and fixing bugs is a difficult and time consuming task.

In the Defensive Programming and Debugging MOOC, you will learn to minimize the number of bugs, pinpoint and fix them using professional tools and techniques for both serial and parallel programs.


PRACEdays19 & EuroHPC Summit Week

PRACEdays19 is the new edition of PRACE’s Scientific and Industrial Conference, it will take place in Poznań, Poland from the 13th to the 17 May, 2019.

The conference will bring together experts from academia and industry who will present their advancements in HPC-supported science and engineering.


Workshop "Call PRACE Tier0" - October 4th 2018

Cenaero organized on October 4th, 2018 a workshop on the topic " Call PRACE Tier0".


Interview du Directeur Général de Cenaero relative à la proposition de la Commission européenne d'investir 1 milliard d'euros dans des superordinateurs européens de niveau mondial.

Philippe Geuzaine a répondu aux questions d'Arnaud Ruyssen dans l'émission radio Soir Première de la RTBF du 11 janvier 2018 ( (balise à 9' - Superordinateurs européens). Une version télévisée a également été diffusée lors du JT de 13h de la RTBF du 14 janvier 2018 (



68.5 million core hours awarded to compute 3D secondary flows in a transitional LP turbine cascade in the Tilda project.

During the 15th PRACE call, Cenaero obtained together with the university of Bergamo and Numeca, a computational allocation of 68.5 million core hours on MareNostrum at the Barcelona SuperComputing Centre.


Denis Baurain's publication in Nature Ecology & Evolution

The ULiège website published a story (in French) about the work of Denis Baurain and his collaborators on the Tier-1 cluster Zenobe that lead to a publication in Nature Ecology & Evolution.


Cenaero devient partenaire associé de "Made Different Digital Wallonia"


Cenaero devient partenaire associé de "Made Different Digital Wallonia", un programme de sensibilisation et d'accompagnement à la transformation industrie 4.0 qui se déroulera sur 3 années, de 2017 à 2019.


Retour sur l’événement HPC du 10 octobre 2016

Merci aux intervenants et participants à cet événement, les présentations et les photos de l'événement sont maintenant accessibles à partir de ce site.