68.5 million core hours awarded to compute 3D secondary flows in a transitional LP turbine cascade in the Tilda project.

The computational campaign is led by Cenaero and inscribes itself in  the European research project Tilda, led by Numeca, which aims at developing high order unstructured methods to enable Large Eddy Simulation of flows in industrially relevant geometries. During the project the three partners will undertake wall resolved LES of the flow in the LP turbine cascade MTU T161 to gain insight into secondary flow features and transition and at the same time compare different computational approaches. Geometry and reference experimental results are graciously provided by MTU and the University of the Armed Forces at Münich.

Press release link: http://www.prace-ri.eu/IMG/pdf/2017-10-04-Call-15-Awarded-Projects-Press-Release.pdf