Upcoming PRACE MOOC: Defensive programming and debugging

What is a software bug? How can we prevent them? How can we find and fix them quickly and efficiently?

If you are a programmer or have ever used software applications, you know that software bugs can have serious consequences and that finding and fixing bugs is a difficult and time consuming task.

In the Defensive Programming and Debugging MOOC, you will learn to minimize the number of bugs, pinpoint and fix them using professional tools and techniques for both serial and parallel programs.

By the end of this course you will feel confident writing high-quality code that is clean, robust and easy to maintain.

Are you interested? Join the course! Starting date 29th April 2019.

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This free online supercomputing course is developed by the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), University of Hasselt and KU Leuven in cooperation with Future Learn.

This course is open to all!