May 2017 issue


  • Supercomputer resources rates
  • Resources Reservation policy update

Supercomputer resources rates

As approved on May 04 2017 by the Tier-1 Steering Committee and the board of Directors of Cenaero, the computing core-hour mobilized rate has been set to 2.2cEur for:

  • projects of commercial intellectual services (CAT.3);
  • direct use by private companies for commercial (CAT.4).

For other categories, the rate remains the same. Please find complete details on the Tier-1 Access page.

Resources Reservation policy update

A resources reservation must be exceptional and must be motivated. In order to match with large computation needs, the resources reservation policy has been adapted in agreement with the Tier-1 Users Committee on April 21st 2017.

Please follow instructions provided on Tier-1 Reservation page.

Please note that academic research project users must prevalidate their request with the CECI who will transmit it to Cenaero.