Why do I get a quota exceeded or permission denied on my /SCRATCH or /projects directory ?

Wrong permission on your directory

To avoid any fake error "quota exceeded" on /project/organization/projectsName and on /SCRATCH/organization/projectsName, please check the permission on your directories. The setGID need to be set for the group so the line has to be something like that :

drwxr-sr-x  2 MyUsername  GroupProjects    4096 Oct 16  2015 myDirectories

If this lowcase "s" is not set to the group part, please make a : chmod g+s directory

Once you modified the permission make sur the owners is correctly specified. The group has to be the project on which the directory is related.

This kind of problem can be triggered by a move into the directory. When you make a move from your home directory (for example), the directory keeps its permission, so when you want move some directories, please use the following command :

cp -r fromDirectory toDirectory

By using this command, the directories will have the correct permissions.

If you want more information about setGID, please use the following command : man chmod. In this manual, there is a specific section about the "special" permissions

General points

If the above solution is not applicable, please check if you can safe some spaces by cleaning your data.

If needed a modification of the /SCRATCH or /projects quota can be done (only for projects)

Academic users

The project's manager has to send a request to the CÉCI Admin through this link.

Others users

You have to send a request to itatcenaero [dotcenaero] be after reevaluation of the need. If you need assisstances for this kind of reevaluation, don't hesitate to contact the HPC admin (itatcenaero [dotcenaero] be)