October 2017 Issue


  • Project policy clarification and reminder
  • Job email notification
  • 2018 zenobe quartely maintenance

Project policy clarification and reminder

  •  Computing hours and disk credits are only allocated by project.
  • A project has always a start date and an end date.
    • Project can be extended on demand and with justification.
      • Academic users must follow CÉCI procedure.
      • Other users must send their request to itatcenaero [dotcenaero] be.
    • If not:
      • At the end date, the project is closed. New jobs are not allowed.
      • Three months after the end of project, the remaining data in project directories will be cleared.
  • Jobs submission is only allowed through project. In order to do accounting and to work with the resources (walltime, ncpus, disk space,…) allocated to the project <project_name>, add in your PBSpro script, the directive:
        #PBS -W group_list=<project_name>

Job email notification

  • When using, the -m <mail points> option to qsub, please specify the mail recipient with the -M <mail recipients> option.  The mail points argument is a string which consists of either the single character “n”, or one or more of the characters “a” (abort), “b” (begin), and “e”(end).
  • Do not use such notification in PBS scripts that indefinitely resubmit themselves or in similar tools chains. Wrong procedures can generate thousands of undesirable mails.

Next year Zenobe quartely maintenance schedule

  • February 5th 2018
  • May 28th 2018
  • September 10th 2018
  • December 3rd 2018