Mono-processor jobs


PBS script:

#PBS -q main
#PBS -l walltime=00:15:00
#PBS -l select=1:ncpus=1:mem=23000mb:mpiprocs=1:ompthreads=1
#PBS -l pmem=23000mb
#PBS -l place=excl
#PBS -W group_list=bio
echo "------------------ Work dir --------------------"
echo "------------------ Job Info --------------------"
echo "jobid      : $PBS_JOBID"
echo "jobname    : $PBS_JOBNAME"
echo "job type   : $PBS_ENVIRONMENT"
echo "submit dir : $PBS_O_WORKDIR"
echo "exec dir   : $PBS_JOBDIR"
echo "queue      : $PBS_O_QUEUE"
echo "user       : $PBS_O_LOGNAME"
echo "threads    : $OMP_NUM_THREADS"
echo "------------------ $PBS_NODEFILE ---------------"
echo "------------------ Checking limits -------------"
echo "------------- Loading environment --------------"


This script requests :

  • 15 minutes walltime
  • 1 chunk with 1 cpu, 23000mb of memory, 1 mpi task, 1 thread.
  • Any process in the job using more than 23000mb will be killed.
  • An entire node will be dedicated to this job as an exclusive placement is requested.
  • It is a bio project.